Paul MerrickJune meet will have Paul Merrick as our guest!

Paul Merrick, of Professional Property Training, bought his first property for a few hundred pounds and now owns a portfolio worth seven-figures. His passive income from his property portfolio means he no longer needs to work but he continues to do so because he loves property, and he loves sharing the expertise he has garnered during his years in the property industry. 

A serial entrepreneur, he established his first property company, Braidcrest Ltd, in 1998 and now runs a number of successful property businesses with a mixed portfolio of commercial, industrial, residential and greenbelt.

He has built a reputation on making shrewd purchases, recognising opportunities and viewing each property creatively to maximise its return on investment. He is adept at sourcing properties, tenants and funding. Over the years, his business has been involved in every aspect of the property industry including: researching; purchasing, refurbishment, development; property flipping; working with Local Authorities; joint ventures; and establishing effective networks.

Paul firmly believes that people are the most important aspect of establishing a successful property business and that it is essential to establish a team of property professionals who share your vision, support your expansion and have the expertise to enable you to grow.

Paul’s passions are property, business, personal development and education.  Consequently, he has provided coaching and mentoring services to a wide range of end users from school pupils to national charities. He is in regular demand as a keynote speaker and mentor.
Following his key principles of investing in people; processes and property, Paul has built close relationships with Local Authorities; small businesses and large corporates.

His consultancy services are much in demand and he has worked with the Scottish Executive; Glasgow City Council; Clyde Gateway; Tesco, Calor Gas and Carillion.

Applying his knowledge and training in personal development, he firmly believes that mentoring should start by looking at the individual, identifying wants and needs before moving on to consider the best property tools and techniques to achieve your goals. He believes in continuous personal and professional development and enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise to help others fulfil their true potential.


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